Aeglea BioTherapeutics


Aeglea BioTherapeutics is a biotherapeutic company exploiting the amino acid (AA) dependencies of many tumors by developing novel, human-derived AA-degrading enzymes which have been engineered to have optimized catalytic and biopharmaceutic properties. The metabolic basis of tumor amino acid dependence is fundamentally different from the nutritional needs of normal tissues, creating a vulnerability to selective killing for tumor cells. Aeglea’s first two programs utilize enzymes that degrade either the amino acid L-methionine (Met) or L-arginine (Arg) for use as therapy in oncology. Aeglea’s therapeutic strategy takes advantage of decades of clinical validation to leverage the genetic and epigenetic basis of tumor AA auxotrophy to identify patients likely to benefit from these molecules. The lead program is targeted for IND filing in 2014. Aeglea was founded by Lilly Ventures as a spinout from UT Austin in 2013.

Other investor: Novartis Venture Funds