Hydra Biosciences


Hydra Biosciences develops novel drugs to treat pain, inflammation, cardiovascular and other diseases using its expertise in novel ion channels. Hydra’s proprietary high throughput screening platforms enable the company to identify and develop drug candidates that address significant unmet medical needs.

Hydra’s ion channel drug discovery program is currently focused on channels implicated in pain, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Hydra’s intellectual property portfolio, significant ion channel expertise, and flexible screening systems set it apart from other biopharmaceutical companies. Unlike classical sodium, calcium or potassium voltage-gated channels Hydra’s novel ion channels provide the potential to develop selective and safer ion channel drugs. Hydra’s most advanced program (TRPA1) is partnered with Cubist. Hydra also has an active collaboration with Zalicus in the area of ion channel modulators for pain.

Other investors include: Abingworth Ventures, Advanced Technology Ventures, Polaris Ventures, Lilly Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, BioVentures Investors, Biogen Idec, Boston Medical Investors, and MedImmune Ventures.