Protagonist Therapeutics


Protagonist Therapeutics, with operations in both San Francisco and Brisbane Australia, is dedicated to the discovery of novel peptide compounds that mimic or inhibit therapeutically-relevant protein-protein interactions. Protagonist has developed a platform capable of generating novel peptide-based drugs, which are derived from multiple scaffolds of disulfide-rich peptides (DRPs). These DRPs are stable in the context of the gut; Protagonist leverages the properties of the DRPs and is focused on developing orally stable peptides for GI diseases. By selecting the particular DRP most appropriate for the selected target, Protagonist generates molecules that effectively modulate the biology they mediate. Protagonist, with their partner Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, anticipates moving a molecule into preclinical development in the first half of 2013.

Other investors include: Starfish Ventures and Queensland BioCapital Funds.