Viamet Pharmaceuticals


Viamet discovers and develops “best-in-class” inhibitors of metalloenzymes via an innovative and proprietary platform, called the Metallophile┬« Technology. The Metallophile Technology is based on world-class expertise in bioinorganic chemistry and an extensive understanding of metalloenzyme structure and function. Using the Metallophile Technology, Viamet can rapidly and cost-effectively generate best-in-class, patentable, small molecule inhibitors of metalloenzymes by optimizing the metal-binding component of existing compounds. The Metallophile Technology has enabled Viamet to rapidly build a portfolio of proprietary clinical compounds and drug candidates which address significant unmet medical needs and represent blockbuster commercial potential. Viamet products in oncology and infectious diseases are undergoing clinical evaluation.

Other investors include: Astellas Venture Management, Hatteras Venture Partners, Intersouth Partners, Lurie Investment Fund, and Novartis Option Fund.